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Available Buildings
Martin County features a variety of built-to-suit sites and existing buildings that can be converted for a number of commercial uses, including high technology facilities.

Following is a list of area brokers who can provide additional details.  For more information about the county, please contact:

Jerry L. Ott
Martin County Economic Development Director
Main Street Consulting
2491 E 200 S
Franklin, IN 46131
317-534-3029 Fax
317-727-0150 Cell
jott@mainstreetconsulting.com E-mail

Century 21
Home Cell
Charlotte Meyer 812-295-3048 812-295-3377
Ed & Maggie Schnarr 812-295-2284 812-295-6188
Noel D. Harty 812-295-9228 812-295-0506
Amy Hill n/a 812-486-8247
  Home Cell
John McAtee 812-295-2098 812-295-7262
Joe McAtee 812-295-3098 812-295-8265
Ann McAtee 812-295-2098 812-296-0968
Larry Albright 812-247-3361 812-709-0180
Strawn Agency
  Office Home
Rex Strawn 812-295-2771 n/a
Elaine Slaughbayh 812-295-2771 812-295-3340
Clay Strawn 812-295-2771 n/a
Chad Mosby 812-295-2771 812-295-3993

The following are a few examples of available buildings:

available building




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